Cryptocurrencies have dramatically lowered the barrier to accepting payments on the web. EzDeFi makes it easier than ever to accept cryptocurrency in the way cryptocurrencies were designed to be accepted: in a truly peer-to-peer fashion.


EzDeFi allows you to be your own bank with all the benefits of a hosted service. It's no longer necessary to build and maintain infrastructure to monitor the blockchain; stay focused on running your business and leave the rest to us. Using public keys created on signup for each cryptocurrency, we're able to generate payment addresses on your behalf and continuously monitor the blockchain to detect when payments are made.

Customers can now pay you directly from their computer or mobile device using the blockchain as the settlement network. With cryptocurrencies you no longer need to collect and store payment credentials or sensitive customer information.

Why cryptocurrency payment?

Payments today rely on customers populating forms with credit card information. This information is then used to pull payments directly from the customer. Cryptocurrencies are different. Instead, a wallet is used to push payments directly to the merchant. A customer specifies the amount of cryptocurrency along with an address before sending funds. In this way, cryptocurrency payments are push payments. For cross-border transactions, cryptocurrency is proven to be much more cost-effective and faster.

When a customer requests to pay with cryptocurrency, we create a charge representing the expected payment. A charge can be thought of as a request for payment in one or more cryptocurrencies. Since cryptocurrency payments are made over a separate network, a unique payment address per cryptocurrency is generated on charge creation so we can associate customers to their payments. When a customer makes a cryptocurrency payment, they generate a transaction that is then broadcast to the cryptocurrency network for validation/confirmation.

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